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2012 Elite Championships National Stadium Dublin
Boxer of the Championships: Joe Ward (Moate BC)
Finals February 3rd
48Kg: (Light-flyweight): Lynne McEnery (St Pauls) beat Oliwia Samsanov (Cavan) 16-13
49Kg: (Light-flyweight) Paddy Barnes (Holy Family) beat Hugh Myres (Ryston) 21-17
56Kg: (Bantamweight) John Joe Nevin (Cavan) beat Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) 23-3
57Kg: (Featherweight) Michaela Walsh (Holy Family) beat Dervla Duffy (Ryston) 15-13
52Kg: (Flyweight) Michael Conlan (St John Bosco) beat Chris Phelan (Ryston) 19-11
81Kg: (Light-heavyweight) Joe Ward (Moate) beat Ken Egan (Neilstown) 29-10
60Kg: (Lightweight) Michael McDonagh (St Marys) beat David Oliver Joyce (St Michaels Athy) 17-14
75Kg: (Middleweight) Darren O'Neill (Paulstown) beat Conor Coyle (St Josephs) W/O
69Kg: (Welterweight) Adam Nolan (Bray) beat John Joe Joyce (St Michaels Athy) 17-15
64Kg: (Light-welterweight) Ross Hickey (Grangecon) beat Stephen Coughlan (Bray) 21-5
91Kg: (Heavyweight) Tommy McCarthy (Oliver Plunkett) beat Christy Joyce (St Michael's Athy) KO3
91+Kg: (Super-heavyweight) Con Sheehan (Clonmel) beat Sean Turner (Drimnagh) 25-10
January 28th  Women's Finals/Men's S/Finals
51Kg: Ceire Smith (Cavan) beat Emma Duffy (Crumlin) RET1
54Kg: Michelle Lynch (Golden Gloves) beat Michelle Chamber (Castlebar) 12-3
60Kg: Carla Wright (Gleann) W/O
64Kg: Sarah Close (Holy Family GG) W/O
69Kg: Claire Grace (Callan) beat Patricia Roddy (Bray) 14-8
75Kg: Sinead Kavanagh (Drimnagh) W/O
81Kg: Lauragh O'Neill (Paulstown) W/O

52Kg: Chris Phelan (Ryston) beat Ruairi Dalton (Holy Trinity) 2
56Kg: Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) beat Glenn Murray (Corinthians) 15-10
60Kg: David Oliver Joyce (St Michael's Athy) beat Eric Donovan (St Michael's Athy) 16-11
64Kg: Stephen Coughlan (Bray) beat Martin Wall (Crumlin) 16-11
69Kg: John Joe Joyce (St Michael's Athy) beat Roy Sheahan (St  Michael's Athy) 15-9 
75Kg: Conor Coyle (St Jospehs) beat Michael Reilly (Holy Family) 12-9
81Kg: Ken Egan (Neilstown) beat Eamon Walsh (St Annes) RSCI2
91Kg: Christy Joyce (St Michael's Athy) beat Patrick Corcoran (Crumlin) 11-5
91+Kg: Sean Turner (Drimnagh) beat David Joyce (Moate) 20-12
January 27th S/Finals
49Kg: Hugh Myres (Ryston) beat Evan Metcalfe (Crumlin) 23-15
52Kg: Michael Conlan (St John Bosco) beat Shane Roche (Corinthians) 28-12
56Kg: John Joe Nevin (Cavan) beat Sean McComb (Holy Trinity) 13-12
60Kg: Michael McDonagh (St Marys) beat Tyrone McCullagh (Holy Family GG) 11-5
64Kg: Ross Hickey (Grangecon) beat Niall Murray (Gorey) 15-12
69Kg: Adam Nolan (Bray) beat Willie McLaughlin (Illies GG) 17-12
75Kg: Darren O'Neill (Paulstown) beat Conrad Cummings (Holy Trinity) 13-10
81Kg: Joe Ward (Moate) beat  David Joe Joyce (Ballinacargy) 17-4
91Kg: Tommy McCarthy (Oliver Plunkett) beat  Stephen Ward (Monkstown) 16-11
91+Kg: Con Sheehan (Clonmel) beat  Ken Okungbowa (Moate) 17-8
January 21st Q/Finals and Women's S/Finals  
51Kg: Ceire Smith (Cavan) beat Jade Corcoran (Crumlin) 34-7
75Kg: Darren O'Neill (Paulstown) beat Stephen O'Reilly (Twin-towns) RSCI3
75Kg: Conrad Cummings (Holy Trinity) beat Chris Blaney (Navan) 22-10
75Kg: Conor Coyle (Bracken) beat Alfredo Meli (Immaculata) 19-12
75Kg: Michael Reilly (Holy Family) beat Shane Egan (Bracken) 9-7
54Kg: Michelle Lynch (Golden Gloves) beat Michaela Jannick (Cavan) 24-10
81Kg: Davey Joe Joyce (Ballincargy) beat Sean Allen (Arklow) 6-5
81Kg: Eamon Wash (St Annes) beat Patrick O'Shea (Sunnyside) 16-9
81Kg: Ken Egan (Neilstown) beat Michael Frayne (St Marys) RSC3
69Kg: Patrica Roddy (Bray) beat Laoise Traynor (Bray) 15-14
91Kg: Stephen Ward (Monkstown) beat Paul Byrne (Holy Family) RSCH2
69Kg: Claire Grace (Callan) beat Joanne Barclay (Holy Family GG) 18-7
91+Kg: Ken Ogungbowa (Moate) beat Niall Kennedy (Gorey) RSC1
91+Kg: Sean Turner (Dimnagh) beat  Michael Kaliec (St Colmans) 14-6
91+Kg: David Joyce (Moate) beat Chris Devanney (Dockers) RSCI1
56Kg: Sean McComb (Holy Trinity) beat Orin McDermot (Finn Valley) 17-5
56Kg: Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) beat Danny Coughlan (St Annes) 14-9
60Kg: Michael McDonagh (St Mary's) beat Mark O'Hara (Holy Trinity) 8-7
60Kg: Tyrone McCullagh (Holy Family GG) beat Declan Geraghty (Crumlin) 10-9
60Kg: Eric Donovan (St Michael's Athy) beat James Tennyson (St Pauls) 19-8
60Kg:  David Oliver Joyce (St Michael's Athy) beat Jason Conroy (Crumlin) beat 17-8
64Kg: Ross Hickey (Grangecon) beat Philip Sutcliffe (Crumlin) 17-15
64Kg: Niall Murray (Gorey) beat David Roche (Riverstown) 14-8
64Kg: Stephen Coughlan (Bray) beat Stephen Carroll (Drimnagh) 19-10
64Kg: Martin Wall (Crumlin) beat Ray Moylette (St Anne's) 15-11
69Kg: Adam Nolan (Bray) beat Michael O'Reilly (Portlaoise) 16-10
69Kg: Willie McLaughlin (Illies GG) beat Jason Quigley (Finn Valley) 12-10
69Kg: Roy Sheahan (St Michael's Athy) beat Jamie Dowling (Paulstown) 11-4
69Kg: John Joe Joyce (St Michael's Athy) beat Noel Sommers (St Matthews) 16-8
January 20th Preliminaries
60Kg: Mark O'Hara (Holy Trinity) beat Paul Hyland (Holy Family GG) 13-6
60Kg: Jason Conroy (Crumlin) beat James Fyers (Immaculata) 14-13
64Kg: Philip Sutciffe (Crumlin) beat Tyrone McKenna (Oliver Plunkett) 13-8
69Kg: Adam Nolan (Bray) beat Craig McCarthy (St Pauls) 19-6
69Kg: Michael O'Reilly (Portlaoise) beat Emmet Bennan (Corinthians) 16-13
69Kg: Jason Quigey (Finn Valley) beat Patrick Gallagher (Gleann) 14-5
69Kg: Willie McLaughlin (Illies GG) beat Gerard Giffin (Copus Christi) RSC2
69Kg: Roy Sheehan (St Michael's Athy) beat Mark Fitzpatrick (Riverstown) RSC2,
69Kg: Jamie Dowling (Paulstown) beat Fergal Redmond (Arklow) 16-6
69Kg: Noel Sommers (St Matthews) beat Petru Ursu (Lucan) 13-9
69Kg: John Joe Joyce (St Michael's Athy) beat Kieran Forde (Monivea) 17-9
75Kg: Stephen O'Reilly (Twintowns) beat Andrew Jennings ( St Catherines) RSC1
75Kg: Conrad Cummings (Holy Trinity) beat Paul McDonnell (Neilstown) 24-6
75Kg: Conor Coyle (St Josephs) beat John Cocoran (Crumlin) 12-9
75Kg: Shane Egan (Bracken) beat Sean Shevlin (Holy Family ) 15-13





Tommy McCarthy 
The Irish Amateur Boxing Association have ratified their seven-man squad for the final Olympic qualifier for European male boxers in Trabzon, Turkey in April.
Paddy Barnes, Michael McDonagh, Ross Hickey, Adam Nolan, Joe Ward, Tommy McCarthy and Con Sheehan will line out for Ireland by the banks of the Black Sea.
All seven retained their titles at the National Elite Championships at Dublin's National Stadium last Friday night.
Ward beat Ken Egan 29-10 and also scooped the boxer of the Championships award.
Michael Conlan, John Joe Nevin and Darren O'Neill, who also retained their Irish titles at the weekend, have already qualified for the Olympics.
The London-bound trio will take part in Ireland's intensive preparations for the Turkish qualifiers.
The squad will begin an 8-day training camp in the Curragh on Thursday before heading to Germany for a second training camp and a final training camp in the Ukraine.
The Irish team will also compete in the Chemistry Cup Multi Nations which gloves off in Halle, Germany on March 13.
"We have a very difficult task ahead of us to get some more lads qualified. We'll start knuckling down to that task and begin the hard work at our training camp in the Curragh this week," said Irish head coach Billy Walsh.
The final Olympic qualifier for European male boxers will take place in Trabzon between April 13th and 22nd.
Irish Squad for final Olympic qualifier
49Kg: (Light-flyweight) Paddy Barnes (Holy Family GG)
60Kg: (Lightweight) Michael McDonagh (St Mary's)
64Kg: (Light-welterweight) Ross Hickey (Grangecon)
69Kg: (Welterweight) Adam Nolan (Bray)
81Kg: (Light-heavyweight) Joe Ward (Moate)
91Kg: (Heavyweight) Tommy McCarthy (Oliver Plunkett)
91+Kg: (Super-heavyweight)  Con Sheehan (Clonmel)
Olympic quotas (in brackets) remaining at final Olympic qualifier for European boxers in Trabzon, Turkey.
49Kg: Light-flyweight (4) (Semi-finalists will qualify)
52Kg: Flyweight (3) (Michael Conlan has qualified in this weight category)
56Kg: Bantamweight (4) (John Joe Nevin has qualified in this weight category)
60Kg: Lightweight (4) (Semi-finalists will qualify)
64Kg: Light-welterweight (1) (Gold medalist will qualify)
69Kg: Welterweight (2) (Finalists will qualify)
75Kg: Middleweight (2) (Darren O'Neill has qualified in this weight category)
81Kg: Light-heavyweight (3) (Finalists will qualify, plus whoever loses to the eventual gold medalist in the semi-finals)
91Kg: Heavyweight (1) (Gold medalist will qualify)
91+Kg: Super -heavyweight (2) (Finalists will qualify)












President Michael D. Higgins, Leo Varadkar, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, IABA President Tommy Murphy, IABA CEO Don Stewart and Christy Kirwan, IABA Board of Directors, at the Ringside Club at the National Stadium on 2012 Elite National Championships finals night.










President Michael D. Higgins with Dr John Lynch, Chairman IABA Board of Directors, at the Ringside Club, National Stadium









Leo Varadkar, Minster for Transport, Tourism and Sport and World, European and European Union lightweight champion and two-time AIBA World female boxer of the year Katie Taylor









Grace Philips sings the National Anthem before Friday's finals



Paddy Barnes (red) v Hugh Myres 

   Paddy Barnes “It is just the lack of fights. I need more competitive fights, three ideally, to prepare and be at my best for the Olympic qualifier in Turkey and hopefully I’ll get the competition that I need. I will be much sharper for that. There will be no ring rust by then.”

Tommy McCarthy's coach Patsy McAllister: “Tommy trained so hard for this, was in great shape, feeling very good and it was all about putting a performance together. He did that.”

Joe Ward: "I enjoyed being in there. I am really happy with my performance. I just want to say thanks to Eddie Bolger, John Joyce and the Sports Council for looking after me. Basically that is why I came back here and won – I did not have to go to the WSB where I would have had to change my tactics. I really focused on the seniors and qualifying for the Olympics."

“The best of luck to him (Joe Ward) in the qualifiers.If he qualifies I’m going to put a couple of grand on him to win a medal," ten-time Irish Elite champion Ken Egan.

"Jimmy Magee has given me advice never to take you on. So I'm not going to Joe, RTE's Marty Morrissey speaking to Joe Ward.

"He's (Joe Ward) a fantastic talent," former Irish Elite champion Mick Dowling.

 "He's (Joe Ward) just turned 18-years of age. A great performance all round," former Elite and WBA champion Bernard Dunne.

"Absolutely delighted with the win. He put in a great performance," coach Martin Fennessey reacts to Con Sheehan's win over Sean Turner.

"I'm holding a winning ticket here signed C Sheehan, Clonmel, Tipperary", IABA MC Al Morris from ringside announcing that Con Sheehan, who claimed his fifth Elite title in-a-row last night, also bought the winning ticket in the 50/50 raffle. Some guys have all the luck!

"Chris Phelan, a great opponent. He brought me all the way last year. I'm glad I got that win. I'm glad I got that second title. It's a great honour," 20-year-old Michael Conlan told RTE's Marty Morrissey.

"I'm very pleased with that. Thanks to my coach, I would never have done it without him," Michael McDonagh.

"I'd say it was level at one stage. I had to put my foot down. Up to that it was all in the melting pot, " Adam Nolan commentating on the crucial third round between himself and John Joe Joyce.




Joe Ward

Joe Ward retained his Irish Elite light-heavyweight title following a commanding win over Ken Egan at the National Stadium in Dublin tonight.
The "clash of the southpaws", a repeat of the 2011 final which Ward also won, saw the current European champion rack up a 29-10 victory over the 2008 Olympic silver medalist.
Egan probably scored the first point of this encounter with a right jab within the first three seconds. However, from that point on Ward began to take control of the contest and claimed the first 9-5 before forcing Egan into a standing count in the second en route to stretching his lead 17-8 by the end of the round.
The third round was all Ward also, and while Egan managed to find the target with his trademark jabs, the 2010 AIBA World Youth champion was picking up more scores with some power-packed combinations.
Lynne McEnery (red) v Oliwia Samsanov
It was an emphatic statement of intent by the 18-year-old, who, if he remains at light-heavy, looks set to dominate the 81Kg division in Ireland in the second decade of the 21st century the same way that Egan dominated the opening 10-years.
"I'm delighted with my performance. I went in there with the right tactics. I used them well and I got the right result, said Ward, who also collected the boxer of the Championships award.
"I knew if I made him miss he would walk into the big shots. No disrespect to him, he came out in the first round to fight. He did not come out to move - he came out to go forward.
"I really enjoyed it. I knew what was going to happen and how long it would take because I had the bigger shots. I had the technique in them and I really performed well."
“Kenny is a legend. It’s good  that there is someone new coming in taking over from Kenny. Hopefully I can do as much as he did. I just want to say thanks to Eddie Bolger, John Joyce and the Sports Council for looking after me."
Egan, gracious in defeat, said that if Ward qualified for the Olympics that he would put money on him to finish amongst the medals.
Meanwhile, Michael McDonagh withstood a third round surge from David Oliver Joyce to secure a 17-14 victory over the St Michael's Athy lightweight. Joyce put in a big three minutes here, but defending champion McDonagh met fire with fire in a rematch of the 2011 decider
There was further disappointment for the Athy BC, after Adam Nolan, the defending champion, beat Beijing Olympian John Joe Joyce.
Nolan, who boxes out of the Bray BC,  held a 12-10 lead going down the final stretch of this three-rounder and was also in possession of a two point advantage at the end of  a thrilling third frame.

Michael Conlan (red) v Chris Phelan

However, there was no Bray BC double tonight after Ross Hickey retained the light-welterweight title at the expense of Stephen Coughlan.  Hickey. a bronze medal winner at the 2008 European Championships, fired home some excellent right hooks throughout this encounter on his way to an impressive 21-5 verdict.
Belfast heavyweight Tommy McCarthy landed his first Irish Elite title at the third time of asking. The Ulster ace, who was beaten by Ken Egan in the 2009 and 2010 light-heavyweight finals, did it the spectacular way also, knocking out Christy Joyce with a big right within 20 seconds of the final bell.
Waterford light-flyweight Lynne McEnery claimed the first title of the evening following a hard-fought victory over Oliwia Samsanov. McEnery held  a 4-2 advantage at the end of the first en route to a 16-13 verdict.
World number eight Paddy Barnes and Hugh Myres shared an exciting first frame 8-8, Barnes landing damaging looking body shots, Myres responding with right hooks to the head.
The second saw more of the same, Barnes finding the body and head with combinations, Myres' right hand over the top picking up some valuable points to leave the light-flyweight decider poised on a 14-13 advantage to Barnes going into the final three minutes. 
However,  Barnes, the 2010 European champion, pulled away to secure a 21-17 win - and his sixth title in-a-row - from a top class contest.
"No easy fights here. I was surprised.They were fast punches but they were not heavy. We were catching each other with shots to the body. I'm confident I can get one of the four qualifying spots (at the Olympic qualifiers in Turkey in April). I feel I'm the best in Europe and I want to prove that. I want about three more flights  and I'll be flying."  said Barnes after his win.
London 2012 Olympian John Joe Nevin recorded a landslide 23-3 win over his cousin Michael Nevin in the bantamweight final. Michael, who boxed bravely throughout, took a standing count off a combination  near the end of the second and was dropped  by a right in the third as two-time AIBA World medalist  John Joe cruised to his fifth Elite crown on-the trot.
Paddy Barnes (ed) v Hugh Myres


World Youth bronze medalist Michaela Walsh took a standing count in the third versus Dervla Duffy in the women's featherweight final. However, it was Walsh's hand that was raised in victory  by a two-point margin at the end of four entertaining rounds.
Irish 2012 Olympian Michael Conlan registered the red corner's fifth straight win of the night versus Chris Phelan in the first of the televised bouts. Conlan, who had his dad and brother, John and Jamie, working his corner, earned a 19-11 decision over Chris Phelan to successfully defend the flyweight title he won for the first time in 2011.
Conlan took the first round 6-2 and was  13-7 up at the end of the second. The Belfast stylist landed a stunning right in the final stanza of this encounter, but, and credit to Phelan, the Ryston BC man  kept firing in punches right up to the concluding bell.
Defending champion and 2012 Olympian Darren O'Neill received a walkover in the middleweight section after Conor Coyle withdrew injured.
Con Sheehan secured his fifth Irish title in-a-row after chalking up a 25-10 win over Dublin super-heavyweight Sean Turner. The Drimnagh BC clubman raised the decibels with a sustained flurry mid- way through the second, but Sheehan regained the momentum to post a convincing victory.
All of tonight's winners were boxing out of the red corner.
Adam McClean, Martin Brereton, Stephen Reynolds and Denis Galvin received awards tonight for their service and loyalty to Irish amateur boxing.
The quartet were presented with their awards by the Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin, Michael O'Sullivan.
The 2012 Elite National Championships were proudly sponsored by the Irish Daily Star.
Elite 2012 Championships Finals February 3rd (7.30pm) National Stadium Dublin
(Running order)
48Kg: (Light-flyweight): Lynne McEnery (St Pauls) beat Oliwia Samsanov (Cavan) 16-13
49Kg: (Light-flyweight) Paddy Barnes (Holy Family) beat Hugh Myres (Ryston) 21-17
56Kg: (Bantamweight) John Joe Nevin (Cavan) beat Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) 23-3
57Kg: (Featherweight) Michaela Walsh (Holy Family) beat Dervla Duffy (Ryston) 15-13
52Kg: (Flyweight) Michael Conlan (St John Bosco) beat Chris Phelan (Ryston) 19-11
81Kg: (Light-heavyweight) Joe Ward (Moate) beat Ken Egan (Neilstown) 29-10
60Kg: (Lightweight) Michael McDonagh (St Marys) beat David Oliver Joyce (St Michaels Athy) 17-14
75Kg: (Middleweight) Darren O'Neill (Paulstown) beat Conor Coyle (St Josephs) W/O
69Kg: (Welterweight) Adam Nolan (Bray) beat John Joe Joyce (St Michaels Athy) 17-15
64Kg: (Light-welterweight) Ross Hickey (Grangecon) beat Stephen Coughlan (Bray) 21-5
91Kg: (Heavyweight) Tommy McCarthy (Oliver Plunkett) beat Christy Joyce (St Michael's Athy) KO3
91+Kg: (Super-heavyweight) Con Sheehan (Clonmel) beat Sean Turner (Drimnagh) 25-10
Boxer of the Championships: Joe Ward (Moate BC)





Adam McClean, Martin Brereton, Stephen Reynolds and Denis Galvin will receive awards at Friday's Elite Championships finals for their services and loyalty to Irish amateur boxing.

Adam McClean Crown BC Belfast 
Adam won two National Senior Championships at flyweight in 1958 and 1960. He represented Ireland on 37 occasions and competed in the European Senior Championships twice; in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1959 where he won a bronze medal, and in Belgrade in 1960.
Adam also represented Ireland at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome and boxed on the Irish team that went to South Africa for over six weeks. Adam's favourite Irish boxer is the legendary Harry Perry. His favourite professional boxer is Sugar Ray Robinson.
Martin Brereton Edenderry BC Offaly
Martin was a very talented boxer who represented Ireland on 20 occasions. He reached three National Senior Championships finals in 1970,1980 and 1982. In 1980 he won a bronze medal at the European Junior Championships  in Rimini, Italy.
Martin also represented Ireland at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow where he lost out to Cuban light-welterweight Jose Aguilar. His favourite Irish boxer is Wayne McCullough. His favourite professional boxer is Sugar Ray Leonard.
Stephen Reynolds St Joseph's BC Sligo
Stephen emerged as one of the top heavyweight boxers to ever represent Ireland at international level. He won three titles at heavyweight in 1999,2000 and 2001 and two titles at super-heavyweight in 1997 and 1998. He also represented Ireland at the 2001 and 2003 World Championships in Belfast and Texas. He represented Ireland on 32 occasions.
Stephen was involved in one of the great super-heavyweight contests against John Kinsella (Crumlin BC) in 1998. This epic will contest will live long in the memory of those lucky enough to have seen it.
Denis Galvin Moate BC Westmeath
Denis won five National Senior Championships, all at middleweight, in 1989,1990,1991,1992 and 1994 as a member of the Moate BC. He represented Ireland in two European Senior Championships, Greece 1989, and Gothenburg 1991.
In 1987 he won a bronze medal at the World Junior Championships in Cuba at 75Kg. Denis represented Ireland on 32 occasions and was an outstanding boxer for his country. His favourite Irish boxer is Paul Griffin.
(Courtesy of Joe Kirwan)




The 2012 Elite Finals will be decided on Friday night at the National Stadium in Dublin. Ten men's and two women's finals will be contested.

Con Sheehan claimed the Irish heavyweight title in 2011 but has moved up to super-heavyweight.

(Pictures courtesy of Michael Hade IABA)


   Light-flyweight: Defending champion: Paddy Barnes


Flyweight. Defending champion: Michael Conlan

 Bantamweight: Defending champion: John Joe Nevin

Lightweight: Defending champion: Michael McDonagh

Light-welterweight. Defending champion; Ross Hickey

Welterweight. Defending champion: Adam Nolan

Middleweight. Defending champion: Darren O'Neill

Light-heavyweight. Defending champion: Joe Ward

Heavyweight: Defending champion: Vacant

Super-heavyweight: Defending Champion: Vacant




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