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by Bernard O'Neill on Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Kurt Walker

Kurt Walker


Ireland Youths and Juniors lost out to their England counterparts in a cracking international meeting at the Woods Hotel in Westport, Co. Mayo tonight.

Oliver McCarthy, Brendan Irvine, Kurt Walker and Shane O’Neill recorded victories for Ireland on the 13-bout show.

Irvine was involved in a cracking three-rounder with Andrew Cain, the Irish light-fly winning out on a split decision.

McCarthy, the 2012 European Schoolboy champion, beat Harvey Lambert 2-1, while Walker, a bronze medallist at the 2012 AIBA World Youths, and O’Neill posted wins over Sahir Iqbal and Luke McCormack.

Tonight’s international was hosted by the St Anne’s BC.

“We would like to thank everyone for turning out tonight to support this international,” said St Anne’s BC Chairman Peter Mullen.

“The evning featured some top class contests and we would also like to thank the IABA, the Mayo County Board all the clubs and the English team and management for their contribution to an excellent evening of boxing.”



Ireland v England



45kg Kieran Lally lost to Connor Butler 0-3

48kg James Brennan lost to Jimmy McDonagh 1-2

52kg Oliver McCarthy beat  Harvey Lambert 2-1

54kg Martin Collins lost to Ryan Garner 1-2

60kg Aiden Walsh lost to Harris Akbar 0-3

63kg Michael Nevin  lost to Jimmy Smith 1-2

81kg Cormac Long lost to Viddal Riley 0-3



49kg Brendon Irvine beat Andrew Cain 2-1

52kg Patrick Mongan lost to Mohammed Ali 1-2

56kg Kurt Walker beat Luke McCormack 2-1

64kg Shane O’Neill beat Sahir Iqbal 3-0

64kg Wayne Kelly lost to Ted Cheeseman 0-3

69kg Caomhan Heinz lost to Ellis Delaney 0-3


England Head Coach Mick Gannon, Martin Utley.

R&J: Jhalman Basi, Lee Innes



Ireland Juniors

45kg Kieran Lally (Ardnaree)

48kg James Brennan (St Anne’s)

52kg Oliver McCarthy (Brian Dillons)

54kg Martin Collins (St Anne’s)

57kg James Cleary (Olympic)

60kg Aidan Walsh (Holy Family)

63kg Michael Nevin (Portlaoise)

80kg Patrick Joyce (Elite Mullingar)


Ireland Youths

49kg Brendan Irvine (St Puals)

52kg Patrick Mongan (Olympic)

56kg Kurt Walker (Canal)

64kg Wayne Kelly Ballinacargy)

64kg Shane O’Neill (St Davids)

69kg Caoimhin Hynes (Holy Trinity)


England Juniors

46Kg Connor Butler (Kirkby ABC)

48Kg Jimmy McDonagh (Walcot ABC)

52Kg Harvey Lambert (St Pauls ABC)

54Kg Ryan Garner (Southampton ABC)

60Kg Harris Akbar (Bradford Police & College BA)

63Kg Jimmy Smith (Repton ABC)

80Kg Viddal Riley (West Ham ABC)


England Youths

49Kg Andrew Cain (Everton Red Triangle ABC)

52Kg Mohammad Ali (Bury ABC)

56Kg Luke McCormack (Birtley ABC)

64Kg Sahir Iqbal (Bury ABC)

64Kg Ted Cheeseman (Fisher ABC)

69Kg Ellis Delany (West Ham ABC)

75Kg Lewis Edmondson (Golden Ring ABC)

81Kg Jahmal Weaver (Pallister Park ABC)